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Gameplay Elements

Traffic lights

One of the three core elements that make up supernightshift are the traffic lights. Everyone knows the problem that traffic lights have a big influence on how fast you, yes exactly you, get to your destination. As long as you are an exemplary pedestrian, of course. We find this mechanic super annoying, but incredibly important for a game about the best way through a city. We offer players live data of the city of Hamburg and soon many more! This makes every game unique, as traffic light phases can shorten or lengthen by the second.

Transport Modes

However, without a means of transport, even the coolest game mechanics are of no use if they are based on traffic lights. You can find these means of transport in every city. Be it the bike, car sharing, the bus, the train or a scooter? Each vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages. Since you have both a time limit and a travel budget with supernightshift, even the coolest car from Sixt won't do you any good if you've already burned through your budget after 2 minutes. So be careful which traffic mix you choose to be the first to reach the finish line or to set a new best time.

Decision Making

Without making decisions, even drinking beer would be boring, do I drink it all at once or save some for later? No, seriously! Life is only exciting through constant decisions and the possibility to be right or not. That's why, in addition to finding the right way, we also want to make the mix of your means of transportation exciting. Ok, admittedly taking the bus doesn't sound exciting, but if it leaves you with enough budget to get a fast e-car, then I'll gladly take the bus for at least two more stops!


Who are we?

We are developers with an eye for gaming!


As an app developer, Kevin Westphal has developed various Android apps with the consider it GmbH. As a realizer of various installations, e.g. in the Fleetstreet-Theater and in the Museum of Medical History in Hamburg, he is well versed in dramaturgy and visual visual design.


Timo has already gained extensive expertise in the implementation from concept to productive software as IT project manager for Lufthansa Technik AG, Chainstep GmbH, NXP AG and consider it GmbH. His hobbies in front-end development and music creation allow him to effectively implement his ideas.


supernightshift is a minimalistic and strategic mobility and navigation game based on real-time data. Drive through the night streets of Hamburg (and other metropolises) and complete different missions. You'll need the right mix of transport modes and you'll have to find the best route in each level. Watch your travel budget and don't dawdle on your smartphone, or you'll run out of time!